4 Important Benefits To Commercial Asphalt Paving

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The United States has 2.2 million miles of paved roads, and about 94 percent of them are surfaced with asphalt. Asphalt pavements are and continue to be America’s pavement of choice. Commercial asphalt paving is something not many think about when they’re on the road, but so many roads use it. It’s important to know some facts related to asphalt and how it benefits you on a day-to-day basis.

1. Wide Usage

Asphalt is useful for more than just paving your driveway. The most popular usage is commercial asphalt paving. In fact, it’s most often used in commercial and public settings, such as golf cart paths, tennis courts, and all types of road building. It’s great because it doesn’t damage easily in weather, and if it breaks, the holes can be temporarily filled until it can be repaved.

2. Environmentally Friendly

It’s important for our resources to be sustainable and long-lasting. Thanks to commercial asphalt paving, we have a good solution. It’s common to reuse old asphalt found in other settings to refill holes or repave roads. By reusing it, it increases the lifespan of old asphalt while also using fewer resources.

3. Less Disruption On The Road

There’s no denying commercial asphalt paving is smoother than many other materials. With millions of vehicles driving on these roads every year, it’s important for it to be quieter than other materials. Since the material is smoother than others, it makes less noise when people are driving over it. It also makes it easier for people to take long car rides. When you’re driving on an unpaved road, you hear the different noises as your tires hit dirt, rocks, and wood. No one wants to drive on an unpaved road for long periods of time, and thanks to asphalt paving, most people don’t have to.

4. Contractors Are Abundant

If you’re considering paving, there are many commercial asphalt paving contractors to pick from. It’s a specific trade, and not just anyone can fill your new driveway. There are residential asphalt paving contractor, who focus on neighborhoods and driveways in suburban areas. There are also asphalt parking lot repair options when your business’ lots start to wear down. Thanks to its versatile usage, there are specialists for other uses we mentioned earlier.


In conclusion, you want to make sure you know information about the asphalt paving on your roads. So next time you see construction on a major highway, know that they’re likely making your future trip much easier with clean, paved roads.

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